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A ((contacts.address))
P ((
M ((
E ((
W ((contacts.websiteUrl))
((v.key)) ((v.value))


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Signature width: ((width))px
Text alignment:

+ Main image
Main image width: ((logo.wh))px
Main image border radius: ((logo.borderRadius))px

+ Personal

Name font size: ((
Job title font size: ((personal.occupation.fontSize))px
Line height: ((personal.lineHeight))

+ Contacts

Contacts font size: ((contacts.fontSize))px
Line height: ((contacts.lineHeight))

+ Social

Social icon width: ((social.wh))px
Border radius: ((social.borderRadius))px

+ Banner

+ Disclaimer

+ Separators and padding settings
- Between left and right column of the signature
- Between personal and contacts sections
- Between contacts and social sections

width: ((k.h))px, padding:((k.p))px